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About Us

Started in 1989

The amateur christian bodybuilding association was started in 1989 by Butch Dennis, a bodybuilder at the time. Butch felt that there were too few natural bodybuilding associations which then prompted him to create ACBA.


ACBA put on three shows a year, including the Baldwin Hills Muscle Classic, LA Valor and Long Beach Muscle Classic, up until 2013.

With the rise of natural shows in recent years, Butch has decided to make a return and host the Vintage Baldwin Hills Muscle Classic.


Butch saw that many competitions were being held at different beaches and none in his own surroundings so he decided to bring the beach to the hood. He hosted competitions in his own neighborhood of the Crenshaw area, bringing bodybuilding to a community that would not have been exposed to it otherwise, and even helped jumpstart the careers of many professional bodybuilders now.