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Rules And Regulations

The Butch Dennis California Muscle Classic & Bench Press Competition


Competitors must be five years drug free

Bodybuilding classes:
Men & women open, novice, teen, master, grandmaster and ultra master

Novice class must have not won any overall contest

Posing routine limited to 90 seconds

Prejudging 60 seconds

Classic physique men attire: black spandex shorts, quarter turns, front Double bicep, side chest, back double bicep, abdominal and thighs, favorite classic pose, no most muscular

Those who make it past the judging round, final call outs are held. You will then get the chance to showcase yourself by performing a posing routine to music of their choice up to a maximum of 3 minutes

physique men must wear board shorts to or around the knees- no bodybuilding poses, no cd.

Women: quarter turns, arms should remain in a natural hanging position, competitors head should be pointed in the same direction, on side views the competitors upper body can have a slight twist, front double bicep with open hands one leg spiked, side triceps with front leg extended, side serretus hands over head abs with one leg extended, 60 second posing routine, no shoes things or jewelry, cd submitted at registration.

Zumba & Hip Hop Dance Off: Each group will be giving 5 minutes to dance. Groups would be judged on choreography, music and outfits 

Master: 40-49


Ultra master-60+

Bikini division: open novice and beginners

Beginners must have not competed before

Master, grandmaster and ultra master

No thongs or g strings, no profanity on cd-
if there is you will be automatically disqualified!

Entry fee-80

Membership fee-25

Bench Press Entry Fee-50

Late entry fee-60

*Random Drug Test Day of Show* 

Promoter provides background music for all bikini figure and men's physique class