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California Muscle Classic


Mail to:  6219 S Rimpau Blvd. Los Angeles, C.A. 90043 

Zumba & Hip Hop Dance Off


CD or USB. Each CD or USB must contain only one song labeled with contestant name and must not contain any profanity. You are responsible for your own music. 

Categories for Competing


- Novice: First time competing

- Open: Season competitor, has won a Novice overall, or you feel prepared to be apart of the show


- Master 35 to 45

- Grand Master 45 to 55

- Ultra Master 55 to 65

- Ages 65+


- Bikini Competitors: display a soft, well formed & well rounded physique

- Figure Competitors: display a toned/soft athletic built

- Physique Competitors: display back shoulders, small waist, lean legs,  glutes,  perfect symmetry & balance to their physique. ( Thick Muscles & low body fat is not desired for this category)

- One Piece: display a toned/soft athletic built with bathing suit

*One and half minute posing routine for women's physique

- Zumba & Hip Hop Dance Off: Each group will be giving 5 minutes to dance. Groups would be judged on choreography, music and outfits


- Master 40 to 50

- Grand Master 50 to 60

- Ultra Master 60 to 70

- Ages 70+


- Men's Physique: muscular build and toned condition. Judges will be looking for fit contestants who display proper shape and symmetry, combined with muscular build and overall condition. (Not too much attention focus on legs)

- Stage presence and personality are important 

- Board shorts shorts or shorts to the knees required for tee walk

- Classic Physique: Large muscles but not "bodybuilder muscular" Small waist, definition in the obliques and abs

- Classic requires brief shorts

- One and a half minute posing routine 

-Mandatory poses: Front double bicep, side chest, back double bicep abdominal and thighs

- Bodybuilding: Symmetry, overall balance & conditioning, muscularity mass, definition and proportion

- Mandatory poses: Front dope bicep, front lat spread, side chest, side triceps, rear double bicep, rear lat spread, abdominal & thighs, hands on hip, most muscular

- Must wear posing trunks

- Ninety second posing routine *Mwell formed & well rounded physique

- Figure Competitors: display a toned/soft athletic built